What Is HypnoBirthing

Hypnobirthing is a technique that has been rising in popularity and is used before and during delivery. Hypnobirthing mainly involves using learned breathing techniques and some times incorporates guided meditation. Hypnobirthing is designed to help you get more in tune with your body, relax and use the power of your mind to control pain. Hypnobirthing shouldn’t replace traditional delivery techniques but when used in conjunction, it can have a number of benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of HypnoBirthing

  • Helps manage the stress and anxiety of the delivery process
    • With Hypnobirthing, you may be able to reduce stress hormones and adrenaline
  • May reduce the need or dosage of anti-pain medication
  • Practicing and learning hypnobirthing may help you feel more prepared and ready to deliver
  • Either your partner or a trained hypnotist can be involved in the birthing process in a more meaningful way

How To Add HypnoBirthing To Your Brith Plan

There are many free videos and educational tools that you can use to learn the techniques associated with hypnobirthing. You and your partner should practise these techniques together before the actual delivery process so that you can be fully prepared and ready when the baby comes. You should also talk to your OB-GYN and let them know that you are planning to use these techniques so that they can incorporate that aspect in their plan. The best way to learn hypnobirthing is by consulting with a certified hypnotist in your are. They will be able to fully train you and your partner in hypnotic techniques so that you can get the full benefits of hypnosis during the delivery process. You can also look for hypnobirthing classes in your area if you prefer a group setting. Many birthing classes already incorporate a lot of hypnobirthing techniques so ask the instructor before you sign up.

Disadvantages of HypnoBirthing

There aren’t really any disadvantage to hypnobirthing unless you decide to forgo medication completely with the confidence that hypnobirthing will help and end up overestimating its effectiveness. Many of the techniques associated with hypnobirthing are very useful and will usually help you have a much smoother delivery process.